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We are immensely proud of all that RAHI has accomplished, but it is important to note that everything RAHI has done thus far has been on a volunteer basis, without any funding or budget whatsoever.  All RAHI members are volunteering their own personal time and resources to realize RAHI’s potential, because we believe in its purpose and importance for the community locally and internationally.  This labor of love helped us realize how much more we could accomplish if we had funding to achieve even bigger goals.

By simply contacting us as a volunteer or donating, you will help launch the initiative and enable RAHI to reach its full potential.  This includes organizing new teams to help in the emerging refugee crises of the Rohingya and Yemeni populations; launching new research projects and clinical interventions in the Syrian refugee crisis that have been unable to start due to lack of funding; developing our online presence; and supporting RAHI’s local and international research and awareness events. Every little bit helps– thank you for your support!