Hospital Resources

Do you provide care for refugee or asylum seeking patients? Have you encountered a need to assist newcomers through your work but didn’t have the tools to do so? RAHI’s resource tool helps connect providers, healthcare workers and community advocates with various methods to best care for these vulnerable populations.  

Please view our guide “Patients Among Us: Caring for Refugees and Asylum Seekers.”     

This resource was sponsored by the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation Hearts Grant and is specific to patients in the Bay Area.  If you would like to develop a similar resource for your geographic area, contact us!


Inpatient and Outpatient Clinical Care.

In California, RAHI members provide care to refugees, asylees, and all newcomers to California at the outpatient Newcomers Health Program within the Family Health Center and to inpatients at San Francisco General Hospital.


Forensic Asylum Evaluations: Medical and Psychological.

RAHI members perform pro bono forensic medical and psychological asylum evaluations for asylum seekers in San Francisco County as part of the Human Rights Cooperative (HRC) of the UCSF Health and Human Rights Initiative. The UCSF Trauma Recovery Center (TRC) also provides psychological support to asylees and torture survivors.


International Medical Relief and Volunteer work.

RAHI members provide international medical relief through volunteer work with refugees in the Middle East, Europe and South Asia.  This list is volunteer-initiated and constantly evolving.  Please contact us for an updated list of current volunteer work.